For more than a decade, we’ve been naturally raising our family of cows to produce impossibly fresh milk and cheeses to share with our local community here in Northern Nevada. From our staple whole milk to our fresh Oaxaca (a fresh, braided mozzarella), we’re proud to offer your family quality wholesome products. Below you’ll find descriptions of our products, their nutritional information and even a few recipes that are sure to bring smiles around your dinner table. Whether you find our products in your local grocer or at your favorite restaurant, we sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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At Sand Hill Dairy, we are reinventing freshness. Our milks and cheeses are locally made to be locally enjoyed—and we’re proud of that. Still operating out of Fallon, Nevada, Sand Hill Dairy strives to bring you and your family the most impossibly fresh dairy products available in the area.